Rock & Cricket has almost 20 years experience as the official
Game Maker & Promotions Concepts provider to Casino, Retail and Corporate industries.
Leaders of prize coverage 'insured' Promotions and provider of photo-worthy street architecture installations
via our Street Love® brand

Prize Coverage Promotions

Prize-coverage premiums offered with our various Promotions Concepts.

All prizes are non-guaranteed for participants.
From R150 000 to Millions of Rands offered.
Ask us about our variety of physical and digital Promotions to achieve these objectives. Options include a combination of guaranteed and non-guaranteed prizes.

Prize-coverage includes our Promotions; Golf Hole-in-One and Rugby Goal Kick options. Terms & Conditions apply.
Clients include Casinos, Malls, Retailers, Charity Organisations and Corporates.

Database Acquisition activations are also done under these services.


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